Computational Engineering

The computational engineering department focuses on carrying out analyses of the static and dynamic behavior of structures under mechanical and thermal loading. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) calculations are used for linear and non-linear cases. The extensive experience of our engineers in many different fields associated with the mechanical behavior of gears and structures ensures that our analyses feed directly into the reality of operational practice.

Using our software, we are able to carry out a large variety of simulations. Our expert knowledge includes also the following fields:

  • Contact analyses (sealing problems)
  • Geometrical nonlinearities (large deflections, stability)
  • Material nonlinearities (plasticity, creep)
  • Fluid and gas flow and heat transfer (VDI Wärmeatlas, Idelchik)
  • Interpretation and evaluation of results (Stoomwezen, ASME)
  • Developments of theoretical procedures
  • Secondments

The software packages that we use include the following:


ANSYS (latest version)

For finite element analysis (FEA)

Product features:

  • Materials analysis – linear elasticity, inelastic, hyper elasticity, temperature dependence
  • Thermal analysis – steady state, transient, conduction, convection, radiation
  • Coupled physics – structural-thermal, acoustics-structural, thermal-electric, etc.
  • “Dynamic” analyses – DDAM + BV043 Shock.


Cosmos is part of Solidworks, a leading 3D modelling engineering software package.

It is a finite element analysis (FEA) program for structural analysis, header analysis and to determine the allowable nozzle loads and billboards.


Floworks is also part of Solidworks. It is a finite element analysis program for detail (FEA) flow analysis.

Combination with a static analysis:

  • Billboard construction – flow + static analysis
  • Heat transfer – Heat exchanger
  • Flow distribution in a duct – guide vanes
  • Flow distribution in a building – Airco section flow production hall.

Caesar II

CAESAR II is a software for carrying out flexibility analyses of complete piping systems.
It allows the analysis of piping systems both above and below the ground.

CAESAR II provides the following capabilities:

  • Analysis codes and standards – piping, seismic, wind, nozzle stresses, flange evaluation etc.
  • Static analysis - comprehensive load cases such as sustainability, operations, expansion, wind, earthquake, etc.
  • Dynamic analysis – natural frequencies, force spectrum analysis, shock spectrum analysis, static/dynamic load cases etc.

Fluidflow (Optional / on request)

The efficient and accurate modelling of networks is essential to the design of energy efficient, safe, reliable flow systems that are easy to operate and maintain. Fluidflow is a truly original software program for the design and optimization of pipe networks transporting compressible, incompressible, 2-phase liquid-gas, non-Newtonian and settling slurry flow.

This program is used in many industries to model new and existing systems, and specify pipe diameters, boosters, controllers and other fluid equipment.

Hytran (Optional / on request)

Hytran is a Windows software package for the analysis of HYdraulic TRANsients or water hammer in pipelines.

Water hammer is a phenomenon that occurs when the flow in a pipe changes velocity or direction. This can happen due to the closing of a valve, or the starting or stopping of a pump.

Hytran carries out extensive hydraulic checks to ensure that the start conditions are consistent. Suspect transients can be spotted immediately in the form of erratic and sudden appearances of spikes.

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